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~ A Celebration of All Things Beautiful that Embrace Human Existence ~

~ Specifications & Details ~
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~ Serenity Cross Pendant ~

Pendant Dimensions: 57mm x 46mm

Base Metal: Stainless Steel
Ion Gold Plated
(for extended durability)

Cubic Zirconia
(for diamond-like brilliance at a fraction of the cost)
Glass Stone Synthetic Opals

18" Chain with 2" Link Extension

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~ Serenity Cross Bangle Bracelet ~

Bracelet Dimensions:
22mm wide
65mm diameter (across) 56mm diameter (height)

Base Metal: Stainless Steel
Ion Gold Plated
(for extended durability)

Cross Inset:
Cubic Zirconia
(for diamond-like brilliance at a fraction of the cost)
Glass Stone Synthetic Opals

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~ Designer King James Bible ~


Presentation page
Self-pronouncing text
Words of Jesus in red
Full-color maps
Type size: 6

Height 6.7
Width 4.7

~ The EssenceCare™ Blessing Card ~
~ Psalm 23 Bookmark ~

~ The EssenceCare™ Brochure ~
Includes the Elegant Introductory Script, The Serenity Cross Saying
and Suggested Readings to Aid in the Search for Enlightenment.

~ Suggested Readings (Must be Purchased Separately) ~
~ God Consciousness ~
Living with Meaning and Purpose

There are a variety of signposts that are associated with living purposefully. They include spending productive time on activities that matter the most and living through those activities with authenticity and passion. People living purposefully feel content and have an inner peace. The way they live not only makes a difference for themselves, but it makes a meaningful difference for the others in their circle. They live in the moment, in the eternal present. They are ethical and they meet all their commitments. They live life with intention. They live honestly, decently, joyfully, and authentically. They carry out what they hold to be their calling in life. They find meaning, purpose and significance in the ordinary everyday activities: eating, reading, working, and loving. God Consciousness: Living With Meaning and Purpose describes how we can live with greater meaning and purpose by increasing our consciousness of the presence of God in our everyday activities.

~ God Consciousness ~
The Exercises: Working the Sefirot and Netivot

The whole constitutes a song with two parts. In one part, God calls forth and asks: Am I here? The teachings in this book help us see the Holiness of the presence God in all that we encounter so that we can answer I recognize You, You are here. With God Consciousness, we are able to be centered and sensitive, think clearly, and have a balanced excellence in our thoughts, speech, and action that moves us toward more virtuous behavior. To strive toward more virtuous behavior means that we have to (1) have the intent to move towards more virtuous behavior (2) understand our own profiles of vices and virtues(3) move ourselves away from our vices and move ourselves to behave with greater virtue with other people and (4) put our intent into our subconscious. The first part of this book lays the groundwork for what God consciousness is.The main part of this book consists of Kabbalistic exercises using the the Sefirot on the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death and exercises using the Netivot on the Tree of Life. The exercises facilitate resonating our will with the particular set of virtues that we work with for each exercise. In effect, this programs our subconscious to facilitate more virtuous thought, speech and action. After finishing any of the exercises, we feel calm, peaceful and joyous for we have been spiritually uplifted.

~ Sacred Journey ~
Edgar Cayce, the Bible,
and the Path to Enlightenment

Every person on this planet is on a sacred journey. And that journey is about you. Each moment of our lives spent on earth has profound meaning. Yesterday, tomorrow, and perhaps most importantly, TODAY. The time has come to remember who we really are. Welsch weaves together a beautiful true story of our souls, our purpose, and our potential with ideas drawn from famed psychic Edgar Cayce and supportive passages from the Bible. This unique work offers a new expansive perspective on what it means to be a savior and the impact of the Christ spirit on our world. It reveals Jesus, the Master-teacher, as our elder brother who left behind the pattern souls could follow to fulfill our holy purpose for entering into the earth.

~ Unto Thee I Grant ~
The Rosicrucian Order

Simply put, a book of wisdom.

~ EssenceCare™ Kit ~

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The EssenceCare™ Kit

EssenceCare™ Blessing Card
The Serenity Cross Pendant
The Serenity Cross Bangle Bracelet
Designer KJV Bible
Psalm 23 Bookmark
EssenceCare™ Brochure


Suggested Readings: 4 Books


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~ Suggested Readings ~
(Sold Separately)

God Consciousness
Living with Meaning and Purpose

God Consciousness
The Exercises:
Working the Sefirot and Netivot

Sacred Journey
Edgar Cayce, The Bible and
the Path to Enlightenment

Unto Thee I Grant
The Rosicrucian Order


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