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Kindergarten Curriculum Comprehension Prerequisite
Relatively - Inverse Oppositely

1) Comprehend Book: "Count Your Way Thin, Quick & Complete Counter - Calories $ Fat $ Carbs"; 2) Relate Basic Arithmetic and maintain; 3) Learn Primary Colors; 4) Memorize Physics of Rainbow - ROYgbiv; 5) Read Anthology "Joyce Kilmer"; 6) Compute the Symetry of a Tree; 7) Read Anthology of American Poetry; 8) Permit 1 Hour to research questions - internet; 9) Buy an Hour Glass; 10) Relate: Moon, Tides; Clouds;Sun; subject "Astrology" - Family Tree Mythology; 11) Remember Counting - Research Health Questions; 12) Reference Gray's Anatomy - Take 1st Year Latin; 13) Write Introduction to Physiologics - Text Book - Thesis; 14) Take 1st Year French - Master Accent - Read "The Little Prine" in French, no reference, comprehend. 15) Si yo comprendo - Take first year Spanish. 16) Look up "I Understand" in spanish. 17) Study Atmosphere; 18) Learn Cloud Types; Predict Weather (try/experiment); 19) Remember: God Likes Bowling - Electricity is Nothing to be Scared of; 20) Comprehend the Wizard of Oz; 21) Music Appreciation - Listen to it - "APPRECIATE IT." 22) Purchase EMERGENCY radio - Department - FCC - Learn Reguations Broadcast. 23) Questions - contact; 24) Study Top 10 - Billboard Hits or Make Billboard; 25) Listen to GREEN LEAVES - How? 26) Learn Anatomy of a Tree; 27) Relate: Symetry. 28) Chemistry: Neutralize Primary Colors; 29) Blood Type - GET. 30) Learn Physics - Biophysics - Relativity. 31) No questions permitted. 32) AIR RAID - Learn Emergency Signals - Take Cover 33) Signals - Sirens - Bells - LISTEN. 34) DRILL: MORSE CODE.

First Grade

1) Ear Anatomy; 2) Vision Psychology; 3) Dreams, Nightmares: Subject Psychoanalysis; 4) Book: Freud. 5) Religions: Study; Hold; Absorb. 6) Church: Book - AS ABOVE, SO BELOW; 7) KEY: Peak Performance. 8) Thought, philosophy - all any knowledge tools: LOVE. 9) Find GOD: No Matter What - "Absolute Trust and Love." 10) NUTRITION - natural - BALANCE - Ears - RELATE - RELATIVE - PHYSIOLOGICS. 11) SANITATION - DISPOSAL - CHEMICALS...SAFTY FIRST.




Of Critical Importance to Knowledgeable God-Consciousness

- Basic Knowledge -

~ Theses ~

- Supplementary Knowledge -


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